sweet ride

Marinoni is mostly together. Few bugs to work out, ride report to follow.


what a couple days!

visited Montreal to pick up the new Marinoni, and Lake Placid for some R&R. fun few days!


marinoni shop

the man himself, mr. marinoni


i need one of these in my life

the "miracle on ice" rink

i'll drink to this week!



on top of the bear

gorgeous evening, perfect fall weather for a blast up the mountain after work. legs felt great, bike is awesome.


9/11 ride, reloaded

after a failed attempt due to tire damage, a nice memorial trip to the 9/11 memorial at eagle rock reservation.

and an apple picking mission on Sunday, perfect day!


d2r2 - 2014

awesome day in the saddle. perfect weather for riding. one of the best events of the year, for sure.

micro-life among macro neighbors

Bruce and one of his pals:

meal tent:

geekhouse taking a rest.

bikes everywhere.

ah, those quiet roads.

the return

Bruce and I


rolling fatties

some nice new fat tires for dirt road crusading.

in recent events, yankees game:

lap of greenwood lake

and the travel trailer coming together.


independence day!

rainy friday followed by a spectacular weather weekend.

70+ miles on Sauurday, and couldn't get to the fridge of beer fast enough.

followed by BBQ on the war horse.