finally a springish day. took advantage of the warm weather and blasted a few miles on the zanconato. this bike delivers!


dt swiss ratchet maintenance : Spring Fever

Temps are beginning to warm, which means getting things ready for the road.

Overhauling a new-to-me set of DT Swiss wheels, pull the ratchet rings out, clean thoroughly and lube. Over expensive bike-specific lubes be damned; a high quality gear oil like Belray works perfectly in these DT hubs. The beauty of these is their simplicity, no tools, pull apart, clean, lube and go.

and here's to a good season on the road!


snow day - 2015

day off of work for the blizzard of 2015 that wasn't.


ready to roll:

in the park, note the hills in the background - snow tube fun!

virgin snow...

slippery playground!

not another footstep to be seen, amazing we were the only ones out in the park on this beautiful day where seemingly no one went to work...

snow covered slides, hehe...


snow angels

rosy cheeks

finish off with some warm hot chocolate!


fixie in the rain

OK, i get it now, full coverage fenders rule.

as predicted, warm but wet.

rain wheels, cant beat these old dogs.


rest stop

still plenty of fall leaves about


hoboken in the sun

took advantage of a seasonably warm and sunny day to walk along the waterway in Hoboken for some spectacular views of the city. nice day.


beautiful december

incredible weather for riding today. so close to the end of the year and close to 60F. perfect for a mid day outing. lots of bikes and outdoor stuff going on today. sweet.

really clear day and perfect views of the greatest city in the world.

fixie-moots with the new and awesome 7800 crankset. FYXO ring added and the drivetrain is super smooth. absolutely perfect.

only downer was my favorite jersey pocket pump took a kamikaze jump to its death on the back side of eagle rock when my cadence was approaching 1-million.



glory days

remembering an old pal, one of the best riding frames over. have to take this for a spin this weekend!



marinoni in the wild

beautiful day for a ride. shakedown cruise for the marinoni and some real miles on the gear. 2015 campagnolo chorus stuff is excellent, smooth, yet crisp shifting. really outstanding front shifts. nothing to hate.


sweet ride

Marinoni is mostly together. Few bugs to work out, ride report to follow.


what a couple days!

visited Montreal to pick up the new Marinoni, and Lake Placid for some R&R. fun few days!


marinoni shop

the man himself, mr. marinoni


i need one of these in my life

the "miracle on ice" rink

i'll drink to this week!