rolling fatties

some nice new fat tires for dirt road crusading.

in recent events, yankees game:

lap of greenwood lake

and the travel trailer coming together.


independence day!

rainy friday followed by a spectacular weather weekend.

70+ miles on Sauurday, and couldn't get to the fridge of beer fast enough.

followed by BBQ on the war horse.



memorial day ride

late start due to some plumbing disasters, but a nice ride none the less.


Mr. Mom Spring Training Day - Fixie Century

dropped kiddo #1 off at school, and despite feeling a little under the weather, took off. perfect weather for knicks, wool baselayer and wool blend jersey.

the little one...

urban art

the pokey...

25 mile banana break


destination: the ocean!

destination#2: the bar for some halfway point food, yum-o


Mr. Mom Spring Training Week

Lots of activity this week. Week off to take care of new baby Sofia, Mama, and of course get some riding in. 

Old pic:
(what's better than an ice cream stop...)

The B-stone is getting a lot of love lately:

And of course, new baby = new bike!

Recently completed Moots, probably the best riding bike I've ever ridden after a 20 mile shakedown ride. yowsa! Pardon the mixmatched wheels and non-titanium cages, soon to be rectified.


weekend rides

saturday and sunday, short quick rides on the cinelli. this thing really scoots. consider me a fan of Columbus Airplane alu!


Sunday ride report

A good day on the road. Little bit of a chilly start, but warmed up nicely. hit some nice dirt, bike+rider felt great today.


the waughaw ride

wet, chilly ride, but good to get some much needed miles in the legs.



the bear ride

Had to work early today, but took the Serotta up to work and did the bear ride. To the top of Perkins for the first time this year. windy windy windy.

Didn't eat anything all day, so a stop for a ham&cheese on a croissant was just what the doctor ordered. Good day.