jersey riding. the best roads in NJ,

nice quiet roads, very few cars to see. 

someone's little slice of heaven tucked away in the treeline:

gravel grinding awesomeness:

2 barns for sale; 1 needs minor work...

bombing dirt descents on roadish tires, hmmm...

the culprit:

frame pumps FTW

back on the road:




nothing keeps you honest like a hilly ride on the fixie. moots fixed gear in action. more like a fall day today than spring, but beautiful weather for riding.


spring classics - the hell of hunterdon

Oh boy.

Hell of Hunterdon, in hunterdon county, NJ - as promised true "spring classic" weather. had to be the windiest day i've spent on the bike. had to pedal all of the downhills just to keep moving forward, and was constantly fighting the bars to keep the bike going straight. what a day!

no ride pics, just too windy and chilly to stop and take the camera out. this is a great ride, fun day, despite the sufferfest.


orange crush

when i bought the zanconato, i always knew i wanted to replace the worn carbon fork with something steel and lugged to match the bike. fast forward to finding a nice used one from foresta cycles. turned out to be a perfect match. hoping for a ride tomorrow. new DT wheels too. sweet.

original with carbon fork:

new steelie:



finally a springish day. took advantage of the warm weather and blasted a few miles on the zanconato. this bike delivers!


dt swiss ratchet maintenance : Spring Fever

Temps are beginning to warm, which means getting things ready for the road.

Overhauling a new-to-me set of DT Swiss wheels, pull the ratchet rings out, clean thoroughly and lube. Over expensive bike-specific lubes be damned; a high quality gear oil like Belray works perfectly in these DT hubs. The beauty of these is their simplicity, no tools, pull apart, clean, lube and go.

and here's to a good season on the road!


snow day - 2015

day off of work for the blizzard of 2015 that wasn't.


ready to roll:

in the park, note the hills in the background - snow tube fun!

virgin snow...

slippery playground!

not another footstep to be seen, amazing we were the only ones out in the park on this beautiful day where seemingly no one went to work...

snow covered slides, hehe...


snow angels

rosy cheeks

finish off with some warm hot chocolate!